Beer Hall

In our Brewery we create 4 types of beer with passion and commitment. All of them are unfiltered and unpasteurized. They are made according to a traditional brewing method from only four ingredients: spring water, barley malt, hop and yeast. Their names were inspired by geography and traditions of Duszniki-Zdrój:


  • Golden Orlickie, extract 10.5% by weight. Light, classic golden lager. Brewed from Pilsner malt and best aromatic hop. Pure taste with a spicy and herbal gentian. 
  • Jamroz wheat treasure, extract 12.5% by weight. Light ale brewed with wheat malt. Fine, naturally cloudy, straw tone and tender taste are characteristics of this beer. 
  • Dark mouflon, extract 12.5% by weight. Inspired by Czech polotmav beers. Made of Pilsner malt, caramel and kilned malts. Best gentian comes from Czech hops. Tenderly caramel lager with sustainability. 
  • Caliber 5.6, extract 12.5% by weight. Caramel malt adds content and taste to the beer. In the wake of it heads a solid dose of bitterness coming from best hop. Amber Lager with strong character. Its name refers to a biathlon piton. 


While savoring the beer it is worth seeing the mash tub and listening to the brewer’s stories about how the hop drink is made and how it used to be in the breweries in Duszniki-Zdrój. 

The fireplace and flavorsome mulled wine with well selected salty and spicy snacks – what more to ask on a winter evening? And when it is intensely hot in the summer nothing cools you down better than a mug of beer drunk in the shade of the hop garden. 


The Beer Hall is a perfect place not only to get together and talk over some beer but also to celebrate: private parties up to 40 people, banquets or less formal parties – in the hall will have a unique character. 

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